• Choose the size of the washing machine or dryer​
  • Load the selected washing machine or dryer
  • Go to the central payment unit
  • Select the number for your washing machine or dryer
  • Make your payment
  1. Cash
  2. Insert cash
  3. Choose machine number
  4. Press 'Enter' 
  5. Any change is supplied in cash
  1. Bank card
  2. Choose machine number
  3. Press 'Enter' 
  4. Press 'Start' on terminal, and insert the card into the reader or wave it in front of the
  • Return to the washing machine or dryer and close the porthole
  • Set the washing / drying cycle
  • Confirm the request
  • The washing or drying cycle starts
  • The cycle stops only for emergencies
  • End of cycle with an audible beep
  • Unload the washing machine or dryer


  1. When using laundry additives, add the contents of the bag directly into the basket
    before starting the wash cycle.
  2. When using a stain remover, apply it directly to the stain before washing.
  3. For washing double-bed down comforters, use a 13kg or larger washing machine.
    Wait at least two days before bagging just-dried down comforters.


  1. Separate garments by colour.
  2. Always check the contents of pockets before washing and drying.
  3. Unroll sleeves, and close zippers and buckles to avoid unnecessary accumulation of
    detergent in the rolled-up parts of clothes.
  4. Don’t stuff too many clothes into the washing machine or dryer.
  5. For safety reasons, the porthole remains unlocked during the cycle. Users can check
    at any time whether their laundry is dry according to their personal
    preferences. Users can remove their laundry even before the set time limit expires,
    but the machine will only become available for further use at the end of the cycle.


  1. Please do not use your own detergent in the washing machines.
  2. Do not wash and dry shoes of any kind.
  3.  Do not wash and dry pet accessories, blankets, pillows, or carpets.
  4. Do not wash and dry stiff rugs.
  5.  Do not wash and dry waxed fabrics.
  6. Empty the machine as soon as the washing or drying cycle is finished.
  7. Do not place baskets, basins, bags, or dirty clothes over the tables.

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