Laundrix Laundry has 5 washing machines. Three 8 kg washing machines and two 13 kg washing machines. 

Before starting the washing machine, make sure you’ve chosen the right wash cycle as you cannot change the chosen cycle once you have confirmed it. Washing programs: colored laundry, white laundry, synthetic laundry, wool laundry. Also use Laundrix Laundromat to wash larger textile items such as pillows, mattress toppers, duvets/blankets, smaller rugs, outerwear (jackets, coats), workwear etc.

A wash cycle takes an average of 40 minutes. Also using our dryers, a drying cycle runs for 20 minutes. The price of a wash cycle includes both detergents and fabric softeners. This means you do not need to bring your own laundry products.
  1. Choose the size of the washing machine
  2. ​Load the selected washing machine
  3. Go to the central payment unit
  4. Select the number of your washing machine
  5. Make the payment
  6. Come back to the washing machine and close the porthole
  7. Set the washing cycle
  8. Confirm the request
  9. The washing cycle starts
  10. The cycle stops only for emergencies
  11. End of cycle with audible beep
  12. Unload the washing machine