A brand new, modern, fully automatic self-service laundromat has opened in the centre of
Mustakivi (Mahtra 27).

Visit Laundrix Laundromat for highly convenient, easy, and affordable washing and drying of your laundry. It has five large washing machines and three laundry dryers. There is also the option to wash large blankets, pillows, and overalls. Convenient, fast, and affordable! Our Laundromat is fully equipped with the newest appliances and the best detergents. Instead of washing powders, we use in our washing machines only environmentally friendly liquid detergents that are gentle on the fabric. Detergents are automatically dosed and controlled in our appliances. All of our detergents are suitable for people with allergies and small children.
Our customers include both private individuals and corporate customers. Corporate customers enjoy the opportunity of using our courier service for laundry pick-up and drop-off. New corporate customers are kindly asked to contact us so as to enable us to prepare your personal offer and quote.

Visit Laundrix Laundromat at Mustakivi Shopping Center. Good location – easy access by car and on foot. Free 2 h parking next to the building, using a parking clock. Yet more good news is that our Laundromat is open from 7 AM to 10 PM. While your laundry is being washed, relax in one of the shopping center’s restaurants or take a look at some of the numerous stores. A variety of magazines are available for customers wishing to wait on site.
Wash clean and dry in less than an hour!




I heard from a neighbour that a self-service laundry had opened in the centre of Mustakivi. I went to check it out for myself and ended up washing my husband’s winter clothes and my own too. Everything went really easily and very quickly. I was very happy with the results!
I went to the Laundrix laundry to wash some large pillows. The pillows were leaned and dried very quickly. Most importantly, the prices were very favourable when compared to the cost of dry cleaning. I will certainly visit the laundry again.